Expensive Heater Repairs Avoidable With A Tune Up


There’s some up-front cost for tuning up your furnace, as you’ll need to pay a pro  to make the service call. At Turner Heating and Air in Hesperia all inspections are free. You’ll make it up in the long term with more efficient heating that lowers your bills while preserving the life of your furnace. You’ll probably also notice a larger flame that throws out more heat from your gas fireplace.

The tune-up includes a furnace or fireplace inspection, preventative maintenance, and identifying parts that may need to be repaired or replaced. The professional can also find any gas or carbon monoxide leaks to keep your family safe. Some furnace warranties actually require this annual or regular maintenance.

Don’t wait until its too late like most do. Let us help you be proactive about your heater or furnace needs. Turner Heating and air covers San Bernadino county, Hesperia, Apple Valley, Victorville.

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